The Break Before the Swell
June 8 - July 20, 2018

A solo exhibition by Dionne Lee. Opening June 8th from 6–8pm at Studio 2W, The Break Before the Swell presents a series of works by Oakland-based artist, Dionne Lee. With the works in this exhibition, Lee performs gestures of claim over her position within the American landscape. She is interested in the ways that our individual and collective cultural histories influence our contemporary relationship with and access to land, landscape, and power in the United States. While Lee’s work is inspired in part by the time she spends in wilderness areas and nature preserves around the Bay Area, her work is also informed by her ongoing research into the history of black bodies on American soil, posing questions around who willfully engages, thrives, and feels safe in the American landscape.

With the works in The Break Before the Swell, Lee explores histories of exclusion, inclusion, empowerment, and disempowerment that are embedded in representations of the American landscape.

The Break Before the Swell is organized by guest curator, Christina Wiles and produced by LightSource.