Meeting Place
June 2 - 23, 2018

Meeting Place presents works by Oakland based artists Nkiruka Oparah and Dionne Lee investigating identity, nature, and one's relationship to place. Oparah work is often informed by her environment and works in methods of assemblage such as hand sewing, and dyeing; constructing some of her work from discarded materials, local soil, live plants, and items purchased from the 99 cent store in the low-income neighborhood in which she lives. Lee works in photography, collage, and video, exploring her relationship to the American landscape by mining the history the labor directly engaged with the land during slavery, the false promise of land in the aftermath of Reconstruction, the synchronized passing of the Civil Rights Act and the Wilderness Act in 1964, up to the impact of urbanization and contemporary expectations of who willfully engages and is safe in the American landscape. Together, Lee and Oparah's work will depict the intersections of place-making and the self.